August birthstone: peridot

August birthstone: peridot

I must admit that I'm sometimes surprised at how popular peridot is.  As it's a vibrant colour, I assume it's not for everyone.  Yet, each and every August, it feels like we can't make enough peridot jewellery.  And when we recently hosted a jewellery-making hen party, peridot was the most popular stone chosen by the ladies, not because they have August birthdays, but because they liked its fresh, cheerful hue.  

Peridot necklace, August birthstone jewellery

Peridot has been long been popular and the Romans called it 'evening emerald' for its ability to retain its colour even by lamplight.

The Romans also believed in the magical powers of peridot, particularly if set in gold and worn on the right arm.
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Today, peridot is known for symbolising friendship, happiness and harmony.
August birthstone peridot, August birthday gifts honey willow
It is believed to balance body with mind, promoting health and restful sleep.
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