Commemorative Jewellery

Commemorative Jewellery

Amongst the most meaningful jewellery we make is commemorative jewellery for customers to keep their missing loved ones close.

This month, I wanted to mark the first anniversary of losing my dad with a remembrance piece for him.  We created a bangle stamped with something he said to me when I was little, which has often made me think of him throughout my life: 'the brightest star in the sky is Venus'.

commemorative bangle, diamond bracelet, personalised remembrance bracelet

We handcrafted a silver heart charm, stamped with his initials and set it with a diamond, which represents everlasting love.

handcrafted jewellery, heart bracelet, handmade remembrance jewellery

My dad died from a sudden heart attack, aged sixty-six.  He had just retired and believed that if he kept fit, he could live until his nineties like both of his parents.  He didn't realise that he was suffering from heart disease.


We will be making a donation from each piece of heart jewellery that we sell to a British heart charity.  We hope to help just a little with research and raising awareness, so that others can live their lives and enjoy their loved ones just a little longer.

commemorative necklace, personalised diamond necklace

remembrance bracelet, commemorative bangle

If you would like us to make a personalised piece to remember your loved one, do contact us at

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