Meaningful jewellery, handmade to order in our workshop in Bath, England.

Emerald: birthstone for May

With spring warming up and Bath breaking out in blossom, we're busy making emerald jewellery for those upcoming May birthdays.
Emerald, the birthstone for May, is one of the most well-known of gemstones.  
It represents love, hope, stability and wisdom.  
Associated with nature, emeralds are believed to help the wearer feel balanced and harmonious.  It feels like the perfect stone to be working with and wearing in May, as the trees turn green and gardens flourish.
Emeralds tend to have inclusions and variations in colour, which add to their natural character.  Some of the emeralds we use have been dyed to stabilise the colour, so that we can offer our customers a more consistently coloured stone.  Most emeralds come from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia.
If you have loved ones with May birthdays, take a look at our May birthstone gift guide which contains links to some of our favourite emerald jewellery, from other makers as well as ourselves.