#meetthemaker - Ruby

#meetthemaker Ruby Honey WIllow team


This summer, we have been delighted to welcome Ruby back to the Honey Willow team.  Versatile Ruby worked for us in her gap year, making and sending jewellery, serving customers at the Christmas Market and updating our website.  She even spent many weeks patiently taking product photos, with April the pug snuggled on her lap. And if Ruby's lap wasn't available, April would settle on her feet or legs!



Last September, Ruby went off to Cardiff University to start her medical degree. She will return to Cardiff again next month, but for now we are making the most of her being part of the team here in Bath!

Here are Ruby's favourite pieces of jewellery to make, wear and give:


Favourite jewellery to make:

dainty birthstone circle earrings Honey Willow


'It has to be Clare earrings; I love all the different birthstones and I find wire wrapping them so satisfying. I like the challenge of making the earrings identical and as an earring lover myself, really love the simplicity of the silver circle and then the colourful birthstone teardrop.'


Favourite Jewellery to wear:



'This is easy, my five silver stacking rings with two birthstones. I’ve worn them almost every day since Becky made them for me a year ago and my finger feels bare without them!  Both birthstones I chose have meaning to me and I often find myself twirling them around without realising it when I’m working.


Favourite jewellery to give:

'My auntie works really hard and doesn’t always have time to treat herself, so my mum and I were really excited when we gave her a Celeste necklace with her August birthstone. I love the design and most importantly what the two silver circles represent encircling her birthstone!'


double halo birthstone necklace silver


Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

'Is how kind and creative everyone is. I’ve made some amazing friends in the Honey Willow team and have had such fun with the girls in the office! I also feel so lucky to have had the chance to gain new skills that I never thought I’d have and actually make the jewellery I love to wear.'


More about Ruby:

During term-time, Ruby lives and studies in Cardiff.  When at home in Bath, Ruby lives with her parents, three younger sisters and two dogs Zeb and Mabel.  She loves animals and being outdoors, plays netball, swims and is training for the Cardiff half marathon.  In quieter moments she really enjoys reading and baking.