New beginnings: April the pug puppy joins the team

New beginnings: April the pug puppy joins the team

This week, we celebrated the new beginnings of Easter and Spring with our annual Easter egg hunt - and we celebrated another new beginning: the arrival of our newest team member: a 10 week old pug.

We've been talking about getting a dog for some time - and in the Chinese Year of the Dog, we finally did it!

Named April for the spring (after one of the longest winters we remember), she is super-cuddly and playful and she likes to snore on our laps while we work.


The only team members who haven't been so pleased to meet April are Hopsy and Ladybun, our house-rabbits.  At the moment April is trying to chase them, but we've been told that puppies learn fast.  So do rabbits and while Ladybun (left, a timid rescue rabbit) has learned to hide from April, Hopsy (right, Alpha-Pet) has learned that he can jump straight over April if she runs at him.

It's all fun and games here at Honey Willow this Easter!!  We hope you also have a fun and happy Easter weekend!

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