Dainty 6th Anniversary Necklace
Dainty 6th Anniversary Necklace for Wife
Dainty 6th Anniversary Necklace for Wife
Dainty 6th Anniversary Necklace for Wife
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About Honey Willow

Honey Willow is a family business based in Bath, England. Rhiannon and her team love making meaningful jewellery for you and your loved ones.

Dainty 6th Anniversary Necklace for Wife

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Dainty 6th anniversary necklace - celebrate your six year anniversary with a dainty mixed metal Honey Willow necklace - six rings for six years of love and memories.

Circles symbolise infinite love, strength, protection and unity.

We handcraft this necklace with six interlocking rings, each given a different finish to represent each different year of love and memories.

This necklace is presented ready for gift-giving with a note saying 'Happy 6th Anniversary, Six Rings for Six Years of Love and Memories' . We can include a personalised note if required.


Handmade in our workshop in Bath, England:

Your necklace begins as a length of wire and a length of chain, which we handcraft into a beautiful and meaningful necklace for your loved one. 

We make this pendant with sterling silver and 14k gold-fill, which is gold bonded to a base metal.



The rings are 14mm in diameter.

The model is wearing a 4 ring necklace with a 16 inch chain.



'Purchased this for my wife for our six anniversary and she absolutely loved it.' - Sean: Hanover, Maryland, USA

'We were absolutely blown away by this item. It came from far and it was beyond words. It is stunning!! And the gift card she made and the way it was presented in the box - was full of love by the designer. We can't say enough about how gorgeous and thoughtful this necklace is...Thank you.'
- Margo: Ontario, Canada