Garnet - birthstone for January

Garnet - birthstone for January

Believed to symbolises regeneration, vitality and success, January's birthstone feels like the perfect stone to start off a new year.

garnets - January birthstonesJanuary birthstone meaning

Garnets come in a staggering range of colours which include the vivid green Tsavorite garnet, deep orange Mandarin or Spessartite garnet - and my favourite, the plummy coloured rhodolite garnet.  

We use Pyrope garnet which is a deep, dark red.

Coloured garnet jewellery

Clockwise from top left: Tsavorite Garnet and diamond cocktail ring - EraGem | Oval garnet ring - LuoJewelry | Rhodolite garnet chandelier earrings - DoolittleJewelry | Mandarin Garnet earrings - Moda Operandi 

 January milestone birthdays:

We make our popular milestone birthday necklaces with garnets for January birthdays.

70th birthday necklace - honey willow

Dainty January birthstone jewellery

Delicate, everyday jewellery is extra meaningful when handmade with your birthstone.

January birthstone bracelet

January birthstone earrings

And for even more personalisation, we can include a note inside the gift box.

garnet earrings