#meethemaker : Hannah

#meethemaker : Hannah

At Honey Willow, we handcraft every piece of jewellery ourselves and we let every single customer know who in our small team has made and packed up your jewellery.

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We're hearing that you love knowing who made your jewellery.  So we have decided to feature a different member of our team each month, so that you can see the faces behind the names.

We're starting with Hannah, who came to work at Honey Willow two and a half years ago, as an Art graduate.  Hannah is incredibly versatile and has helped out with every part of the business, from customer service and marketing, to packing orders and setting up our chalet at the Bath Christmas market - she can wield a drill like a pro!  

Her main focus has been making jewellery and during her time at Honey Willow, she has learned to become a skilled silversmith.

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Click here to read Hannah's full feature and find out which jewellery she most loves to create, wear and give.


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