Our resolutions for 2019

Our resolutions for 2019

At Honey Willow, we're starting 2019 full of energy and ideas for the year ahead.

And with a New Year-themed shop window display, we've had a lot of fun hanging our own New Year's resolutions on leafy branches, which symbolise our growth in the coming year 🍃

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The team's goals range from new experiences such as travel, learning to dance and making new friends, to health goals such as 'eat less crisps'!

My own are 'drink a smoothie every day' (confession - I did NOT drink a smoothie today) and 'see the bigger picture'.  My husband Nige's resolution is to 'write that play'!

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With this January predicted to be particularly cold and all the twinkle and excitement of Christmas behind us, I've been wearing some of our motivational bangles and looking at them often.  

My favourite three are 'nevertheless she persisted', 'a life lived in fear is a life half-lived' and 'have courage and be kind'.  

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What are your New Year's resolutions?  We would love to know, so please do share them with us on Instagram or Facebook, or if you're local, why not pop into see us at 130 Walcot Street and hang your own resolution up on the flourishing tree of 2019?!