Heather meet the maker Honey Willow

Heather comes from a background in science & engineering.  In 2017, she changed career and returned to university in 2017 to study Jewellery & Silversmithing at the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery.

Heather's passion for designing and making jewellery was rewarded with a distinction in her degree and national awards.  She joined the Honey Willow workshop in the summer.

Heather also runs her own jewellery business from her Stroud studio, inspired by nature, architecture & automata, she also undertakes bespoke commission & repair work (www.heathercoleman.co.uk).

In her spare time she sings with Stroud Choral Society, performing in 3-5 concerts per year, and lives with cats Leia & Earl.

Favourite jewellery to make:

“I love making the chunky rose gold hoop earrings.  The thick wire has a nice weight to it and takes the hammered texture wonderfully.”

chunky rose gold hoops

Favourite jewellery to wear:

“I like historical style jewellery and think Marguerite Black Pearl Flower Earrings have a Tudor look.

We have a pair on display in the shop that I look at longingly every time I leave.”

 Marguerite black pearl earrings Honey Willow

Favourite jewellery to give:

“For the very first time, I forgot my mum’s last birthday (don’t tell her that).  Luckily I was working that day so was able to make her a 7 ring milestone pendant which she wears regularly.”

 70th birthday necklace Honey Willow

Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

“Coming from a male-dominated industry, it is a breath of fresh air to work with a group of such wonderful women.  Proving that a workplace can be efficient and successful, whilst also being friendly, supportive and fun.”