#meetthemaker - Scarlett

Scarlett is following in the footsteps of her two older sisters Ruby and Poppy, all of whom have worked for Honey Willow before going to university.  Scarlett has just started her gap in year, during which she hopes to travel in South-East Asia.  Next year she will go to Bristol University to study Veterinary Science. 

Having worked for Honey Willow at weekends throughout her A-levels, Scarlett helps with assembling and packing customers' jewellery.  Her favourite birthstone is garnet - although it's not her actual birthstone, she was inspired by reading Scarlett the Garnet Fairy when she was younger.

In her spare time she enjoys running with her labradoodles Zebedee and Mabel, reading and cooking vegan meals for her family.


Favourite jewellery to make: 

"I love to assemble and pack Celeste necklaces; the two silver rings are simple and delicate, I feel like they would complement any outfit and make a great gift for any milestone. Adding a birthstone adds a nice personal touch!" 

Forever Encircled With Love - Birthstone Necklace Honey Willow

Favourite jewellery to give: 

My favourite jewellery to give as a gift would have to be a milestone birthday necklace. I loved gifting my Granny one for her 80th Birthday, personalised with her birthstone. It never fails to make me smile when I see her wearing it with her matching garnet earrings- she’s said many times it’s her favourite set. I love the uniqueness of each ring symbolising a fabulous decade of her life!

80th Birthday BirthstoneNecklace - Honey Willow

Favourite part of working at Honey Willow: 

One of the best things about working at Honey Willow is that I’m able to have a role in creating a lovely piece of long-lasting jewellery which is going to be meaningful and special to the receiver.