Rock crystal - birthstone for April

While Bath is breaking out in bloom with this gorgeous early Spring weather, we are busy making birthstone jewellery for those upcoming April birthdays. 


Those born in April have been blessed with one of the most prestigious birthstones, the diamond. However there are alternative birthstones for this month, such as rock crystal, which we use for our semi precious birthstone collections. 


Rock crystal is the purest variety of quartz and is transparent and completely colourless. Its name derives from the Greek term krustallos meaning 'ice'. 

Here is a small selection of our April birthstone jewellery and, as we are celebrating April birthdays, it would seem wrong not to include our very own April the Pug. Here she is looking resplendent on velvet. 


Clockwise from left: 50th birthday necklace, April birthstone necklace, April birthstone bracelet, 


Clockwise from left: April birthstone necklace, April initial necklace, 30th birthday birthstone necklace.


For those of you looking for diamonds to give to a loved one with a birthday in April, take a look at our 9kt gold double ring diamond necklace  and our 9kt gold double diamond ring. Both make a truly meaningful gift. Circles symbolise your infinite love, strength and unity and the two diamonds represent the two of you. 


Please take a look at our April birthstone gift guide which contains links to some of our favourite rock crystal and diamond jewellery.