Honey Willow handmade jewellery

After studying multimedia textiles, Becky gravitated towards jewellery-making and enjoyed working with independent jewellery designers in London.  Becky helps out with many different aspects of the business - particularly silversmithing our customers' pendants and personalising them with names, words and dates.  She also helps to design Honey Willow marketing materials.
Becky lives in Bristol with her partner Dave.  She loves film and makes time to attend film festivals, be creative, go to Pilates and catch up with friends and family. And a top priority for her is spending time with her cat Nugget!

Favourite jewellery to make:

'I like anything that involves stamping names, as it's a nice challenge.'

personalised jewellery Honey Willow

Favourite gift to give:

'The Ivy earrings, as they are really pretty and dainty.'

Delicate bridal earrings

Favourite jewellery to wear:

'The Isabella initial ring it's cute and you wear it can everyday. The hoops are lovely too.'

dainty initial ring

Favourite part about working at Honey Willow:

'I like working in a fast paced environment and the job varies so much. And working with a great team who are so much fun. Also hearing customers stories behind the jewellery we make is lovely.'