June birthstone jewellery gift guide

Those born in June have the privilege of choosing between not just one, but two gorgeous birthstones:


Pearl, the most well-known of June's birthstones, symbolises wisdom, loyalty and serenity.  Pearls are classic, suit all skin tones and can be worn with anything, to any occasion.

Pearl necklace by Honey Willow, pearl ring by Astley Clarke, pearl earrings by deezignstudio

And pearls don't just come in white:

Black pearl flower earrings by Honey Willow, pink pearl bracelet by Astley Clarke, black pearl 80th birthday necklace by Honey Willow, silver pearl leaf earrings by Sarah Hickey.


Moonstone has been used for two thousand years as an uplifting, protective stone.  It represents intuition, good luck and protection.  The most popular moonstones are rainbow moonstones, which are opaque white with a flash of blue.

Rainbow moonstone bangle by Astley Clarke, moonstone ring by Honey Willow, moonstone circle earrings by Honey Willow, moonstone and pearl earrings by Sarah Hickey.

For more ideas, take a look at the June birthstone jewellery section on our website.