November birthstone gift guide

November's birthstone is one of our favourites here at Honey Willow.

With its sunny colour, citrine is said to symbolise happiness, abundance and generosity.  


The November birthstone takes its name from the French word “citrin,” meaning lemon. 

Full of light, this sparkling gem is believed to protect the wearer against negativity and evil.

November birthstone meaning

Here are some of our picks for November birthday gifts:

Citrine rings:

Citrine rings, November birthstone rings 

From left to right: Citrine cocktail ring by Lily Blanche, dainty citrine stacking ring by Honey Willow.

Citrine necklaces:

Citrine necklace, November birthstone necklaces

From left to right: raw citrine necklaces by TISHjewelry, dainty citrine necklace by Honey Willow, antique Victorian pendant by LuxyferJewellery

Citrine bracelets:

Citrine bracelets, November birthstone bracelets

Left to right: Gold citrine Venice bracelet by Latelita London, delicate citrine bracelet by Honey Willow

Citrine earrings:

citrine earrings, november birthstone earrings

From top left to right: dainty citrine earrings by Honey Willow, citrine earrings by SilvanaSagan, citrine earrings by LillyBlanche, citrine and pearl earrings by Honey Willow.

For more November birthday gift ideas, please take a look at our November birthstone jewellery.