Hannah B


silversmithing, handcrafted personalised jewellery, Honey Willow Bath

Hannah joined Honey Willow as an Art graduate.  Having helped out in all areas of the business, she has focused on silversmithing.  She now co-ordinates the Honey Willow workshop and trains new team members.

Hannah lives in Swindon with her boyfriend Ben and in her spare time she enjoys catching up with friends, going to festivals and exploring new cities. 

Favourite jewellery to make:

'Definitely the personalised name necklaces.  They mean so much to so many people for different occasions.  I love seeing customers' messages and the names, words and dates they request on their jewellery.  And I really value their responses after they receive their jewellery.'

personalized jewelry, name stamping, Honey Willow Bath England

personalised name necklace, personalized necklace with names, meaningful gift honey willow

Favourite jewellery to wear:

'The sterling silver beaded hoops!  They're delicate and sophisticated, but a little chunky in weight - love them!'

silver hoop earrings, beaded hoops, chunky textured hoops, honey willow bath England

Favourite jewellery to give:

'My little sister and I share the same birthday, two years apart.  We're incredibly close and so I wanted to make her something special for our birthday a couple of years ago.  I made her a Luna necklace with two garnets on either side of the infinity circle, one for each of us.  She absolutely loves it and loves what it represents!  I've also given both of my grandmas milestone birthday necklaces and they both wear theirs every day!'

birthstone infinity necklace, necklace for sisters, sister gift, January birthstone

meaningful jewellery honey willow, meaningful gifts for loved ones, milestone birthday necklaces

Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

'I love working in such a cohesive environment, everyone pitches in and shares skills with one another.  I also find it empowering to work with so many strong women varying in age, heritage and interests - we support each other!'