#meetthemaker - Isabel

Isabel is one of the youngest members of the Honey Willow team. She is studying an art foundation and enjoys experimenting with all sorts of materials, from film photography to knitting!  She also enjoys watching Spanish, Thai and Korean TV shows because the subtitles mean she doesn't get bored! She helps with making and packing our jewellery.  She loves making such meaningful jewellery, knowing it will be treasured. 


Favourite jewellery to make:

My favourite jewellery to help make is one of our 21st birthday necklaces. "It has a simple elegance that is perfect for every occasion but is also appropriate for everyday wear."

Favourite jewellery to wear:

The double diamond ring. "I personally wear pieces that are simple but are complementary to one another and this fits in beautifully with that."

Favourite jewellery to give:

"I would love to give my mum the petite 50th birthday Tiny Links Necklace. I love how delicate it is and how it sits so gracefully against the skin."

Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

"I love how each person plays their own part in making truly exquisite pieces that people will come to love for years, knowing the personal value of what we are creating and taking pride in that."