Top 10 Friendships

With International Friendship Day coming up, the Honey Willow team had a lot of fun voting for our top ten friendships of all time:


1) Monty Don and Nigel the dog.

Monty and his dog
"Nigel the dog was 100% loyal to Monty and totally trusted him - the basis of a brilliant friendship." - Nige 


2) Shaggy and Scooby - Scooby-Doo

And our second favourite friendship also included a dog. "Because they never leave each other behind." - Willow 


3) Woody and Buzz - Toy Story

"Woody and Buzz overcame initial jealousy and competitiveness to become great friends - and they learned more about themselves too." - Selina


4) Ed Gamble and James Acaster - Off Menu Podcast 


"These two are so different but get on so well and have great banter!" - Tom


5) David Attenborough and the Queen 


"They have a shared history of the nation, understanding of the world and a genuine affection for each other." - Beth 


6) Patsy and Edina - Absolutely Fabulous 

"Because they've stuck together through thick and thin - and bad fashion choices!" - Saffron and Sandra 


7) Lorelai and Rory - Gilmore Girls 

"Such a legendary duo and best friends before mum and daughter." - Iona 


8) Leslie and Ann - Parks and Recreation 


"Such a sweet friendship.  They even celebrate Galentine's Day, and have matching hats!" - Robyn 


 9) Harry, Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter


"Because of their loyalty to each other, how much they help each other and how they bring out the best in each other." - Honey 


10) Anne Shirley and Diana Barry - Anne of Green Gables 

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry


"Diana was lonely orphan Anne’s first ever friend and the first person to love her. Although their lives went in different directions, they remained totally loyal to each other - real lifelong friends." - Rhiannon 


Which are your favourite friendships?

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