Top Ten Bath Coffee Shops

Autumn is upon us once again and while last year we had to retreat inside our houses, with the uncertainty of the pandemic still looming, we are hoping this October that the high street is here to stay and coffee shops continue to provide us with warmth, cosiness and comfort.

The Honey Willow workshop is situated on Pulteney Bridge right in the centre of Bath and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to good spots to grab a cup of coffee, unwind, read, or catch up with a friend. Here are some of our favourite cosy coffee shops in Bath - enjoy!

1: Society Café

Best for: people-watching and picking up the latest edition of the Circus magazine.

Tip: know what you want to order - this is a busy hub and the head barista makes an epic coffee.


2. Cortado Café 

Best for: the frothy coffee and empanadas, which are an Argentinian version of a Cornish pasty (don’t tell the Argentinians).

Tip: get in early, they are on South American time!


3. The Colombian Company

Best for: the ambience; the arches and cobbled streets reveal Bath in all its Roman glory.

Tip: Spacing is limited but bag a spot inside to appreciate the Colombian Salsa music.


4. Cascara

Best for: delicious vegan bakes

Tip: get there early as their treats are popular and sell out.


5. Colonna and Small's

Best for: the real deal. It has its own roastery. Very sophisticated blends to challenge the taste palette. Awarded the ‘Best Coffee Shop in Europe’ title in 2016.

Tip: an Americano or Cortado. Anything milkier is not really considered proper coffee!


6. Taylor’s Boutique Café

Best for: coffee and BAGELS!

Tip: The Artisan Quarter is renown for its independent shops. Check out the creative window displays (including Honey Willow) on the way!


7. Boston Tea Party

Best for: a coffee hang out. You can stay all day and no-one will tell you to move!

Tip: bring your own cup. This place has a zero-plastic-policy, which we are proud to support.


8. Topping and Company Booksellers

Best for: coffee and books!

Tip: if you have your nose inside a book long enough they will probably bring you a cup of coffee!


 9. Good Day Café

Best for: indulgence! Chocolatey brownies and American style cakes.

Tip: a popular one so grab a spot when you can!


10. Sugarcane Studio

Best for: something a little bit different.

Tip: branch out and try a sesame latte! They have fanciful Taiwanese macaroons too!

Written by Iona