90th Birthday Necklace Gold, December Birthstone Jewelry, 90th Birthday Gift for Mom, Grandmother 90th - Lilia
90th Birthday Necklace Gold, December Birthstone Jewelry, 90th Birthday Gift for Mom, Grandmother 90th - Lilia
90th Birthday Gold Necklace | December Birthstone
russian rings necklace with December birthstone
December birthstone, blue topaz stones
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Bath in December, Bath in the snow Zuleika Henry
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90th Birthday Gold Necklace | December Birthstone
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About Honey Willow

Honey Willow is a family business based in Bath, England. Rhiannon and her team love making meaningful jewellery for you and your loved ones.

90th Birthday Gold Necklace | December Birthstone

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90th birthday necklace - celebrate her 90th milestone birthday with a 15k gold plated Honey Willow 90th birthday necklace - nine rings for nine decades. We handcraft this necklace with nine interlocking rings, each ring representing a decade of her life.

Blue Topaz is a birthstone for December. It symbolises love, happiness and affection.

Circles symbolise infinite love, strength and protection.

This necklace is presented ready for gift-giving with a 'Happy 90th birthday, nine rings for nine decades' note inside. We can include a personalised note if requested.


Handmade in Bath, England by our small team:

Your necklace begins as a length of wire and a length of chain, which we handcraft into a beautiful and meaningful necklace for you or your loved one.

We make the interlocking rings with sterling silver and plate them with 15kt gold.

The chain and clasp are made with 14kt gold-fill, or rolled gold, which is 14kt gold bonded to a base metal,

We use an A-grade blue topaz briolette.



The interlocking rings are 20mm in diameter.

The model is wearing a sterling silver necklace of the same size with a 20 inch chain.

The model in wearing a six ring necklace with an 18 inch chain. We can make a chain up to 30 inches so that it can be lifted over the wearer's head without the need for fiddling with the clasp.

We can also make this necklace with a magnetic clasp if requested. There is a small extra charge for this, so please contact us to discuss.