Commemorative bangle, meaningful jewelry, remembrance gift, bangle with words
Commemorative bangle, meaningful jewelry, remembrance gift, bangle with words
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Commemorative bangle, meaningful jewelry, remembrance gift, bangle with words - Gracie

£61.00 GBP

Commemorative bangle - celebrate loved ones that you miss with this meaningful bangle, which we hand-stamp with a name/s, initial/s, dates or favourite phrase.

The bangle in the photographs is my own and remembers my dad, who told me when I was little that 'the brightest star in the sky is Venus'.  I have often thought of him when looking at the stars and I like to wear this bangle in his memory.


Handmade in Bath, England:

by our small team.  This bangle begins as a length of wire and is handcrafted by us into a personalised bangle.

It is presented in a gift box, ready for gift giving.




We usually make bangles in one of three sizes:

Small - 2.5 inch diameter

Medium - 2.7 inch diameter

Large - 3 inch diameter.

Please contact us for a different size.  The bangle is 2mm thick.  It's delicate, yet sturdy.



We can stamp up to 40 characters on the bangle.  Please let us know what you would like us to stamp in a message to us at the checkout.

Please note that we stamp by hand, which gives a different finish to machine-engraved jewellery.  There will be small irregularities, which are part of the character of a handmade piece.


Do you need this bangle soon?

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About Honey Willow:

Honey Willow is named after my daughters: Honey and Willow. We have been handcrafting quality, meaningful jewellery since 2009. We have a lot of experience in both crafting our products and serving our customers. Every single piece is handmade by us, here in Bath, England, with love and care.