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Gemini Constellation Necklace
Gemini constellation necklace
sterling silver constellation necklace
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Bath weir Honey Willow
Gemini Constellation Necklace
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About Honey Willow

Honey Willow is a family business based in Bath, England. Rhiannon and her team love making meaningful jewellery for you and your loved ones.

Gemini Constellation Necklace

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Gemini Constellation Necklace - celebrate her star sign with this sterling silver Gemini constellation necklace. Gemini birthdays fall between May 21st - June 20th.

Gemini are believed to be exciting, curious and imaginative.

This necklace is presented in a gift box with a note inside saying, 'Gemini - exciting, curious & imaginative .' We can include a personalised note if requested. Please let us know if you would like to include the original wording 'Gemini - exciting, curious & imaginative'.  There is space for approximately 150 characters.



The pendant is 18mm in diameter.