Word rings, jewellery with message, inspirational jewelry with words, dare to dream, dare to shine - Juliet

£40.50 GBP

Word rings - inspire her with these two sterling silver rings, one of which is embellished with the words 'DARE TO' - the other reads either 'DREAM', 'SHINE' or 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE' - please select your choice. 


The 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE' ring has the words spaced out and can be turned so your favourite word is shown, so the two rings could spell either 'DARE TO - LIVE', 'DARE TO - LAUGH', 'DARE TO - LOVE'.



These rings comes in two sizes:

UK: L / US: 5.75 ( a small/medium size)

UK: N / US: 6.75 (a medium/larger size)

The ring is approximately 2mm thick.



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