Birth Flower Guide

Which is your birth flower?

A guide to birth flowers and their meanings.

snowdrop earrings

January's birth flower is snowdrop, which symbolises resilience.

violet necklace

February's birth flower is violet, which symbolises faith.

cherry blossom earrings

March's birth flower is cherry blossom, which symbolises good luck.

daisy earrings

April's birth flower is daisy, which symbolises hope.

lily of the valley jewellery

May's birth flower is lily of the valley, which symbolises new beginnings.

June's birth flower is rose, which symbolises love.

July's birth flower is water lily, which symbolises energy.

August's birth flower is poppy, which symbolises remembrance.

sunflower earrings

August's other birth flower is sunflower, which symbolises friendship.

september birth flower

September's birth flower is morning glory, which symbolises perseverance.

cosmos earrings

October birth flower is cosmos, which symbolises balance.

hydrangea necklace

November's birth flower is hydrangea, which symbolises gratitude.

daffodil earrings

December's birth flower is daffodil, which symbolises joy.