#meetthemaker - Tom

Tom has spent all his working life in the jewellery industry, starting with an apprenticeship with Deacon and Son learning the core skills. He has been working with highly skilled jewellers at well established brands ever since. He went on to set up his own jewellery brand, The Middle Green.  Having scaled back his own business, he joined the Honey Willow workshop earlier this year. 

Tom lives in Swindon and enjoys spending time with his family and going on country walks. He is also a big film fan and likes to go to the cinema with friends. 

Favourite jewellery to make:

"I really enjoy making the multi ring necklaces for all occasions. You have to concentrate pretty hard during the process to ensure every texture is applied to the right ring and with a high level of consistency. The transformation when they are polished is incredible!"

 Favourite jewellery to give:

"My favourite pieces to give are the birthstone dangle earrings. I've always loved different coloured gemstones and these earrings show them off so well. Using birthstones is a great way to make things personal without being too obvious about it."

 Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

"The relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I’ve been welcomed into the team from the very start and really enjoyed the amount of cake that appears from time to time!"