#meetthemaker - Marina

Marina joined Honey Willow in March 2021. Originally from Puglia in southern Italy she studied Graphic Design before relocating to Barcelona. Here she worked for a costume jewellery company in the bohemian quarter of the city. She has travelled all over the world and a high point was visiting the silver jewellery factories of Bali.

Marina is passionate about jewellery-making. In her spare time, she makes her own silver jewellery and enjoys reading and working on illustrations with her iPad (when she’s not out with friends for a pint!).



Marina is very versatile and is able to help out with many of the processes at Honey Willow.  She most enjoys being in the workshop, silversmithing customers' jewellery.   


Favourite jewellery to make:

"I love the hand-stamped jewellery because it is so meaningful. It’s amazing being part of the whole process, and helping people send messages to their loved ones is just priceless."

 Favourite jewellery to give:

"I’d like to give a bangle as a gift, with a personalised phrase engraved."


 Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

"I love being surrounded by so many highly skilled and creative people. Having the chance to learn so many new things from them every day is an honour."