Ellie came to Honey Willow a year and a half ago as a Contemporary Arts graduate and alongside working at Honey Willow, she is a practicing artist with her own Etsy shop.

Ellie is super-efficient and multi-skilled, working across many different areas in the company.  She helps with customer service, making and packing up our customers' jewellery, photographing our products...and much more.  She has recently begun to learn silversmithing. 

Favourite jewellery to make:
'Definitely bridal jewellery. The Juliet backdrop necklace is methodical to make and it’s so satisfying to see the finished result. I also really enjoy creating something special for brides on their wedding day.'



Favourite jewellery to wear:

'I like our small double linked ring necklaces - I love dainty jewellery!'


forever connected - friendship necklace


Favourite jewellery to give:

'I gave my mum and my sister each a Luna bracelet with their birthstones - I love the subtle and meaningful small birthstones, and the jewellery itself is small and dainty.'



Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

'I really love the variety of work at Honey Willow, I can dip into different things during each day. Everyone in the team is so nice and gets on, and because we're a team of freelancers, we have different people in most days. I enjoy making all the ranges of jewellery, being organised, getting the result and making happy customers!'



Favourite things to do:

In her spare time, Ellie creates for her own Etsy shop. She loves travelling to new places and has recently visited Berlin and Japan, which she loves. Ellie almost always wears black - occasionally grey!