Hannah C

Hannah C - meet the maker Honey Willow

Hannah C grew up in Wiltshire, then moved to Bath with her boyfriend George after graduating from Falmouth University, where she studied Creative Events Management.  Hannah already had jewellery-making experience, which she has quickly built on since joining Honey Willow. 

Hannah likes going to watch the rugby (she used to be a county player), going out with her friends and making her own jewellery and printmaking. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of houseplants and loves Christmas!

Favourite jewellery to make:

"My favourite thing to make is our milestone birthday necklaces, I really enjoy the process of texturing all of the rings and especially love finishing them off with a birthstone. They all look so special and unique and it's so nice reading all the messages customers add for their loved ones." 

Honey Willow handmade jewellery
Honey Willow personalised jewellery for loved ones

Favourite jewellery to wear:

"I'm definitely going to get myself a pair of the chunky silver hoop earrings, I love the subtle texture and they just go with everything!" 

chunky silver hoops Honey Willow

Favourite jewellery to give:

"I have four older sisters and I would love to get them all the silver stacking rings. I know they would style them in such different ways and all the different birthstones would look great too!"

silver stacking rings Honey Willow


Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

"I love being hands on and learning so many aspects of the business. I've particularly enjoyed learning to silversmith, it's so fun spending the day being creative and getting to work with such an inspiring and lovely team!" 

Hannah C Honey Willow meet the maker