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#meetthemaker - Robyn

Robyn is a recent photography graduate from Bath Spa University who lives above the Honey Willow shop.  When she saw our advert on the shop door for new recruits, she came in to meet us. 

Robyn uses her photography skills to take photos of our jewellery and behind-the-scenes action.  And her can-do attitude is much appreciated in our busy office, so she helps in out in many areas of the business.  Your jewellery has very possibly been carefully packed up and sent by Robyn.  

Favourite jewellery to photograph:

'I love photographing the rings as it gives me a chance to play around with the jewellery and layouts.' 

Citrine Rings Honey Willow

 Favourite jewellery to give:

'I can’t wait to give my friends the dainty birthstone necklaces, I love the colours from all the different birthstones.'

Favourite jewellery to wear:

'The small initial necklaces, they’re so sweet and simple.'

Favourite part of working at Honey Willow:

'It’s fantastic to be part of such an incredible team of women who are so creative and kind. It has also been a lovely opportunity to put all my knowledge to use from the past couple years, while learning about other aspects of a business.'

Favourite things to do:

'During the week, I love playing pool at the local pub and watching films at the cinema, and when I get the chance I love visiting my family in Scotland, and going for walks with my camera.'

 See Robyn's beautiful landscape and portrait photography here:, Instagram: @robyncphotography